10 Wall Texture


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JPG, PNG | 4000(w) × 2666(h) px

10 Wall Texture

The background has a big influence on the design. The background is used to give a visual feel to an element, which will increase the ease of understanding or understanding a design concept. The background has a huge influence on the overall design.

This Wakk Texture will give the elegant of the design that has been made, the point is that your design will not look ordinary. Black Background Texture itself can be made manually by relying on paper, color paint, and pens. Background Texture is presented with beautiful simplicity and matching elegant and luxurious background textures.

This product lends itself to a non-boring design and can be your perfect version if needed. This product download contains 1 zip. Collection that will help you showcase your work in the best way possible. Create a neat presentation in a second. This Black Background Texture can be used in various types like media flyer, web design, presentation, print, advertisement, social network etc.

Here's what's included :

  • 10 Jpg / 4000x2666 px / 300dpi
  • 10 png / 4000x2666 px / 300dpi
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