3-In-1 Learn Total Quality Management (Tqm), Kaizen & 5S


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What you'll learn
Basics of Total Quality Management
Basics of Kaizen
Basics of 5S System
Understand the Quality Management of Industries
Learn How to do continuous improvement
You will learn everything in a simple way
In this course, We will cover the basics of TQM, Kaizen: Continuous Improvement and the 5S System. Download 3 E-books of TQM, Kaizen & 5S. Total Quality Management (TQM) refers to management methods used to enhance quality and productivity in business organizations.Total Quality Management is mainly concerned with continuous improvement in all works and functional activities of an organisation. It is long term planning.It is a consistent improvement in quality.It is a never-ending process. It describes a management approach to long–term success through customer satisfaction.The success of the TQM depends on the significant changes in organisation design, work processes, and culture.There are various approaches to TQM. Some organisations give importance to the use of a quality programme like statistical process control and some organisations give importance to a tool like quality function deployments.Almost every industry adopted 5S techniques to maintain a Quality workplace. 5S creates the foundation for a visual workplace.5S is a method for removing all excess materials and tools from the workplace and organizing the required items such that they are easy to find, use, and maintain.Kaizen is defined as continuous improvement. It is a philosophy of continuous improvement involving small changes throughout all areas of an organization. When applied to the workplace Kaizen involves all employees - from executives to labourers, and everyone in between. Learn more concepts in this Course :)


Section 1: Introduction to TQM

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Definition of TQM

Lecture 3 Basic Concept of TQM

Lecture 4 Course E-book: TQM

Lecture 5 Review of Section: Introduction to TQM

Section 2: Principles of TQM

Lecture 6 Principles of Total Quality Management Part-1

Lecture 7 Principles of Total Quality Management Part-2

Lecture 8 Principles of Total Quality Management Part-3

Lecture 9 Review: Principles of Total Quality Management

Section 3: Roles and Approaches in TQM

Lecture 10 Role of TQM Manager Part-1

Lecture 11 Role of TQM Manager Part-2

Lecture 12 Approaches to Total Quality Management

Lecture 13 Review: Roles and Approaches in TQM

Section 4: TQM Philosophy

Lecture 14 The Deming Management Philosophy

Lecture 15 The Juran Philosophy

Lecture 16 Review: TQM Philosophy

Section 5: Just-In-Time and Leadership

Lecture 17 Just-In-Time

Lecture 18 Leadership

Lecture 19 Review: Just-In-Time and Leadership

Section 6: ISO and Business Process Reengineering

Lecture 20 Business Process Reengineering

Lecture 21 ISO-9000 Standards

Lecture 22 Review: ISO and Business Process Reengineering

Section 7: Quality Audit

Lecture 23 Quality Audit

Lecture 24 Principles of Quality Management

Lecture 25 Review: Quality Audit

Section 8: 5S System

Lecture 26 What is 5S System?

Lecture 27 First System: Short

Lecture 28 Red Tag Method

Lecture 29 Second System: Set in Order

Lecture 30 Set in Order: Label and Sign

Lecture 31 Set in Order: Line Marketing

Lecture 32 Set in Order: Tool form

Lecture 33 Third tool: Shine

Lecture 34 Fourth tool: Standardize

Lecture 35 Fifth tool: Sustain

Lecture 36 Sixth tool: Safety

Lecture 37 Download E-book: 5S System

Section 9: Kaizen

Lecture 38 What is Kaizen?

Lecture 39 The three pillars of Kaizen

Lecture 40 Kaizen & Innovation

Section 10: Kaizen & TQM

Lecture 41 Kaizen & TQM

Lecture 42 Kaizen and suggestion systems

Lecture 43 Goals of Kaizen vs Quality, Cost and Delivery

Lecture 44 Kaizen and successful applications

Lecture 45 Gemba Kaizen

Lecture 46 Cost Reduction

Lecture 47 Standard

Lecture 48 Operational Standard

Lecture 49 Toyoda Machine Works

Lecture 50 The Kaizen Story

Lecture 51 Visual Management

Lecture 52 5m Visual Management

Lecture 53 Download E-book: Kaizen

Everyone involved in Quality Management field,Students willing to Make a career in the Quality Field,Mechanical Engineers,Quality/Production Engineers,Core Engineering Students

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