Applying an Advanced Information Search and Retrieval Model in Organisations


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English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 1685075606, 978-1685075606 | 130 pages | True PDF | 10.42 MB
"In our lives, we need information continuously to carry out tasks of any kind (personal, academic, and professional). Depending on the context in which we find ourselves and the time available to carry out the task, emotions such as uncertainty and stress can present in the search process. But the important thing is that when we know the search process, the uncertainty and stress are minimized. In this context, the author investigates existing studies on the search and retrieval of information from the user's perspective. The study turned out to be very complex for two reasons: 1. Scientific literature is widely dispersed in different articles and academic books, even if it was the same search and information retrieval model. 2. Sources are not accessible to all people. As a consequence, the author plans to disseminate the results of this research with the aim of facilitating knowledge and understanding of anyone interested in entering the information search and retrieval process. With the collaborationof Nova Science Publishers, we find ourselves before an affordable, simple, and manageable book. Chapters 1 to 7 outline the search and information retrieval models of the following authors: Belkin, Ingwersen, Ellis, Kuhlthau, Wilson, Dervin, and Bystrèom. In Chapter 8, the author presents her own model for searching and retrieving information. This model is formed by some elements previously seen from the other authors, but also by other novel ones such as the organisation. This is due to the fact that some of the tasks carried out with greater frequency and complexity are those that intervene in our professional tasks, in which scientific studies confirm that an effective organisation cannot be conceived without efficient information management"--

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