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Audio Editing + Video Editing + Free Software'S + Become Pro download

Last updated 8/2021
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Audio Video Editing from Scratch to Advanced comparing two different free software's

What you'll learn
Two software's for Audio video editing
From Scratch till Advanced
Complete Details of how to work with it
Share it with your friends and give ratings only if you like it
You can use mobile Apps but files size does not support sometimes.
Using these software you can even edit anything , no restrictions
A laptop or PC is required for practice , if you do not have laptop or pc try borrowing your friends laptop or go to net centers and a max of 2 hours of practice will be more than enough.
This course has no age group limits so anyone who is interested in this course can get it. This course has a very few and short videos ,where I have not framed anything so big neither told anything non realistic. So everything which is there in these videos , I have explained everything Directly with no waste of time so that even you can learn without wasting your time. Any Person who do not know what is video editing also can get this course. If you have any doubts please ask me I will clear within 24 Hours. I can assure you that after learning this course you can directly apply for a highly paid job but you have to practice before that which depends on your speed of learning. I will make sure that you are happy and comfortable with this course .You can learn audio and video editing from basic , starting from what is video editing what type of software to use , how to install free software ,how to get a paid professional software for free , how to edit , how to make new and interesting videos using different pictures , increase and decrease sound level for audios and many more.Thank you so much and have a great future ahead .Hope you like the course.Thank you once again.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 2.How to Download and Install Premier Pro 2020

Lecture 3 2.How to Open Premier Pro

Lecture 4 4.Tools

Lecture 5 5.New Items

Lecture 6 6.Speed lock link group

Lecture 7 7.Making a 3D Video out of images

Lecture 8 8.Crop

Lecture 9 9.Audio Editing

Lecture 10 10.Effects

Lecture 11 11.Blur

Lecture 12 12.Color Correction

Lecture 13 13.Adjustment Layer

Lecture 14 14.Export

Lecture 15 15.Sequence

Lecture 16 16.Green Scale

Lecture 17 17.Other Apps and Softwares for Audio / Video Editing

This course Helps in editing your videos like a pro, its worth a try .


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