CAPCUT: Beginner Video Editing


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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 31 lectures (5h 37m) | Size: 4.8 GB
What you'll learn
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to edit and create intriguing video content from start to finish...
You will be familiar with the CapCut Mobile App interface and this will serve as a foundation ease the learning of other major editing softwares.
You will learn how to trim, crop and split video and music clips to eliminate unwanted sections within a footage.
You will learn how to add/edit music, audios, sound effects. This also includes extracting sounds of interest from videos
How to improve the colour of your videos (Color Grading/ Correction).
How to add text, Captions, titles , animated graphics, and effects.
How to use apply the chroma tool for greenscreen footage, and how to achieve less complicated vfx
How to create cloning effects using the masking tool
How to add and use overlays(B-Rolls) for your project.
Creating and achieving some effects using the keyframe tool
You will get professional recommendations, tips and tricks throughout the course

Students are required to have decent Smartphone for recording and editing.
Have the latest CapCut App Installed on your Smartphone

Yes, your smartphone is enough to start making intriguing video content.

A guide to equip you with skills you need to create professional looking videos on your mobile phone with little to ZERO video editing experience.

This course is carefully structured to teach you how to produce and edit videos on your smartphone for you to share on Instagram, Youtube, tiktok, and any platform of your choice. Poor quality videos are generally unpleasant, and with the likelihood of producing low quality videos using mobile phones compared to DSLRs, this course will introduce special skills you can use to improve the aesthetics of your videos.

The course is a 5 hours course containing detailed instructions, practical lectures where complete video content (ads and entertainment) will be edited and downloadable eBook to use as a guide whenever you miss the function of a tool within the application (CapCut).

The course consists of two broad sections

The first section introduces you to the entire tools within CapCut and their functions. The functions are carefully explained practically.

The second section involves the application of skills learnt in first section to produce complete video contents. This section will show various editing techniques and tricks you can achieve from the projects that will be created. You will learn how to assemble clips for proper story telling.

As a beginner, to achieve very good levels of quality and tricks in your videos like twin effect, and magic tricks, you don’t need necessarily need sophisticated software and high end skills which might take you months and even years to learn. With Free video editing Mobile apps like (CapCut), you can achieve some of these results and the experience/skills obtained from using these apps overtime will prepare you and limit the total time needed to learn sophisticated video editing software if the need arises.

For now, just have fun while you edit your videos easily using your smartphone.

The course consists of 5 hours total video with 30 lectures, 4 complete story projects, and a free downloadable eBook to guide you whenever necessary. At the end of this course, you would be able to;

Produce advertisement video contents for your business

Produces video documentaries and improve content videos on social media

Create some magic tricks and use Green screen

This will reduce the need to outsource your videos to other professionals as well as the need for getting expensive gadget when you are looking to cut cost.

Who this course is for
Small business owners looking to market their videos online
Social Media content creators looking to improve their video content
Individuals looking to explore video editing as a career


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