Early Investor Program


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What you'll learn
Understanding what the stock market is
Understand how to evaluate a company
Learn how to pick and pitch companies
Build your own portfolio
Saving plans
Types of saving
Fundamentals of investing
How to create an investor’s mind set?
How to create a schedule to track stocks?
Different types of investors
Evaluating risk
Reason for market fluctuations
How to use watch lists?
When to buy and sell stocks
Types of markets
Microeconomics effects on the market
How to pick stocks?
Fundamental Indicators
When to enter and exit the market?
How to set up a virtual portfolio?
Tracking techniques
Styles of a market
Real account setup
Fundamentals of a company
Technical Indicators
Tracking sites
Type of investor to think like
Strategies to track and view stocks
Macroeconomic effects on the market
Various variables effecting the market
What to do during market fluctuations
Investment Strategies
Reasons to buy and sell stocks
Books to read to become a better investor
Wealth Defending
Earnings Trading
Indicators used to track stocks and know when to enter and exit
Portfolio Building
Income Generation
No prerequisites
We at the Early Investor Program focus on teaching the skills necessary to gain the benefits of entering into the stock market early. We cater to all those who are new and interested in learning about the stock market and to those who would like to improve their skills of investing. This course is for you if:- You have wondered how to begin investing- You have thought of gaining financial freedom- You want to push your limits and learn a new skill which is useful from the get goOur goal is to further education and financial freedom, we want to encourage people to begin investing to save and build a secure financial base for their future and we believe there is no better way than education. We have previously have had events and been nominated for the best event of the year at YPO Global, a leading organisation of young entrepreneurs, EO India another leading organisation of entrepreneurs. We have and continuously run various workshops at schools in the UK and India.We offer in person classes as well to gain a better understanding, to get in touch with us email us on [email protected] the Early Investor Program?We have helped over 400+ students begin their investing journey safely and securely. We have over 6 years of experience in the field of investing. Our founder and teacher of this course has refined his skills through various internships with wealth managers and banks across several major banks and private wealth management firms.


Section 1: The Journey Begins!- Beginner

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Saving, Early and Active Investing

Lecture 3 Investor Mindset

Lecture 4 The Stock Market

Lecture 5 Review and Resources

Section 2: Diving Deeper- Intermediate

Lecture 6 Introduction

Lecture 7 Type of Investors

Lecture 8 Micro and Macro Economic effects on the Market

Lecture 9 More on Demand and Supply - Constant Supply and Constant Demand Scenarios

Lecture 10 Welcome to the fundamentals - 15 criteria

Lecture 11 The Fundamentals in depth

Lecture 12 Building a Virtual Portfolio

Lecture 13 Review and Resources

Lecture 14 Bloomberg app and watchlist for virtual portfolio set up

Lecture 15 Trading View Resource

Lecture 16 Trading View Research Resource

Lecture 17 Marketwatch Resource

Section 3: Here goes!!- Advanced

Lecture 18 Introduction

Lecture 19 Risk Management and Wealth Defending

Lecture 20 Market Fluctuations and the Market Story

Lecture 21 Investment Strategies

Lecture 22 Virtual and Real Time Account

Lecture 23 Review and Resources

Lecture 24 Trading View In-depth

Lecture 25 Yahoo Finance

Lecture 26 Google and earnings reports

Lecture 27 Final Review

Anyone who wants to learn about investing


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