Gd & T With Engineering Drawing


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What you'll learn
Learn How to read Technical Drawing?
Learn Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Learn Engineering Drawing
Learn Engineering Graphics
You will learn everything in a simple way
Learn the common language of Engineering design, Production, and Quality Assurance, known as Geometric Dimensions and tolerancing.This course is useful for every Production, Quality and Designing Engineer & aspirant.In this course, we go through Engineering drawing by simple engineering graphics, lettering, scale dimensions and freehand scratching.The course is designed by the GaugeHow team with the help of subject experts to make it easier to learn and cover all the important information.We have divided "GD & T with Engineering Drawing" into 3 sectionsIn the first section, we discuss basic concepts about GD & T and the second section, we learn about the basics of Geometric Dimensions and tolerancing.At last, we see the main parts of the engineering drawing.As we know it is impossible to manufacture the exact dimension of the product every time,so we try to manufacture a product within tolerance, this tolerance specifications and technical designing should be well understood by every designing/production/quality engineer.Here are the brief syllabus or topics we have covered in this course of UdemyEngineering GraphicsGeometric Dimensions and tolerancingTechnical or Engineering DrawingDimensioningFree Hand SketchingApplication of Engineering DesignFinding Career opportunities in the field of Engineering Design using Technical drawingSo, find interesting! See you in the course


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is Engineering Graphics?

Lecture 2 Dimension Tolerancing

Lecture 3 What is Gd & T ?

Section 2: Technical Drawing

Lecture 4 Projection

Lecture 5 Coordinate System

Lecture 6 Datum and Degree of freedom

Lecture 7 Tolerance frame & Symbols

Lecture 8 Control frame

Section 3: Engineering Drawing

Lecture 9 Lines

Lecture 10 Lettering and Dimensioning

Lecture 11 Scale Dimensions

Lecture 12 Free Hand Sketching

Lecture 13 Plane Curves

Lecture 14 Geometric Construction

Lecture 15 Simple mechanism

Lecture 16 Application of Engineering Design

Lecture 17 A career in Engineering Design

Engineering students,Students willing to Make a career in the Engineering Design,Mechanical Engineers,Design Engineers


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