Google Slides For Beginners


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Published 7/2022
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Learn how to create professional Google Slide presentations in 1 hour!​
What you'll learn
Create professional Google Slide presentations
Advance your Google product skills
Be more proficient with using keyboard shortcuts
How to create content in Google Slides
You should know how to web browse to Google Slides
You should also have basic computer skills
Are you looking for a way to set yourself apart from other co-workers or job candidates? Don't over look the importance of slide presentation skills! Especially when trying to get a message across over a Zoom meeting. Visualization is key! In this you will learn how to use Google Slides with easy step by step instructions. It doesn't matter if you have never used Google Slides or just want to expand your existing knowledge, you will benefit from this course. We'll cover everything from how to access Google Slides to how to download or present the content. Course Overview:Keyboard ShortcutsInitial SetupTitle SlideSlide BasicsAnimations and Advanced EditingChartsText BoxesAudio and Video IntegrationsFinal EditSlide Show PresentationsAfter taking this course you'll be able to put together presentations with ease. Which is a great thing to add to your resume! I've actually had to present slides for job interviews.Did I mention that this course is short and right to the point?!? You can complete this course in only 1 hour! Don't forget to check out any lectures that are available to preview for a quick look into the actual course material. Good luck on your office productivity journey!Tags: GoogleSlides, OfficeProductivity, SlidePresentations, G-Suite, Business


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 2 Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 3 Accessing Google Slides

Section 3: Title Slides

Lecture 4 Title Slide

Section 4: Slide Basics

Lecture 5 Slide Basics

Section 5: Transitions and Animations

Lecture 6 Transitions and Animations

Section 6: Charts

Lecture 7 Charts

Section 7: Text Boxes

Lecture 8 Text Boxes

Section 8: Audio and Video

Lecture 9 Audio and Video

Section 9: Final Edits

Lecture 10 Final Edits

Section 10: Slide Show Presentations

Lecture 11 Slide Show Presentations

This course is meant for Google Slide beginners or intermediate users,Anyone who wants to grow their resume and job reputation


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