How To Turnaround A Failing Business - Business Turnaround


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What you'll learn
Step-By-Step Guide On Business Turnaround
Finance and Accounting Basics
How To Prioritise Business Turnaround Initiatives
How To Set Goals For Each Business Turnaround Initiative
How To Create An Execution Plan
How To Execute Your Business Turnaround Plan
Is your business in trouble and in need of a turnaround? Don't know where to start? Feeling stressed and anxious?You've come to the right place! Haroon Rashid (Business Fixer) is a successful business turnaround expert and business coach. Rashid has successfully turned around 3 multi million-pound businesses using a simple guiding belief that Clarity is King and Simplicity is Queen. Rashid's latest business turnaround saw him take a business that was losing £100K per month to £60K profit in just 3 months!In this course, you will learn practical tips on a whole business turnaround. This course applies to any type or size of business. You will learn sound business principles that Rashid has personally used in over a decade of fixing businesses.No matter what level of business you are, you will be learn business fundamentals including:Finance and Accounting BasicsHow To Set GoalsWhere To StartHow To PrioritiseThe Core Make-Up Of Every BusinessHow To Take Care Of Yourself & Your MindHow To Create An Execution PlanHow To Execute A Planand much more!Your business isn't done yet! There's still hope. By using the principles in this course, you will be able to ensure that you not only fix your business, but stop the same problems from happening again.Haroon Rashid is a successful business coach and turnaround expert with 10+ years of experience. Rashid has successfully turned around 3 multi million pound businesses, taken 2 companies from local to global and coached countless people to start their own successful business.


Section 1: Introduction & Business Turnaround Story

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Business Fundamentals

Lecture 2 Mindset

Lecture 3 Where To Start

Lecture 4 Know Your Numbers (Finance & Accounting Basics)

Section 3: Prioritisation & Goals

Lecture 5 How To Prioritise

Lecture 6 How To Set Goals

Section 4: Execution

Lecture 7 The Execution Plan

Lecture 8 Control & Review

Section 5: Outro & Thanks

Lecture 9 Outro & Thanks

Any type/size business that is struggling and in need of a turnaround


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