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What you'll learn
Step-by-step instructions for using all the features of InVideo video creation software.
Choose from hundreds of beautifully designed templates, already preconfigured to the correct aspect ratio for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more, and edit them to create your own marketing or social media videos in minutes.
Or design and create your own videos from scratch using InVideo’s extensive video, image and music libraries and all of its added features like text animations, special effects and enhancers.
A complete walk through how to create a video based on a script or an article you have written using the Storyboard window.
A complete walk through how to create a video from a template, or start from scratch, using the Advanced Editor window.
Add voice overs or music to your videos.
Add different transitions between scenes.
Create end-screens to add to your YouTube videos and make them clickable.
You will need to be using the Google Chrome browser.
InVideo needs at least 4GB of RAM to work efficiently.
You will need to be connected to the internet while working in InVideo.
No design skills required.
If you are here then you already know how important video is to your advertising, sales funnel, or brand marketing or you want to put out a captivating portfolio of your visual assets, but you haven’t quite mastered video editing yet. And that’s where Invideo comes in. Their plan is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to put together short promotional or social media videos even if you have never tried it before.My plan is to give you easy, step-by-step instructions so that you can use InVideo skillfully, without all the trial and error, and get on with publishing your videos.In my courses I aim to be thorough, so that you don’t have to go hunting elsewhere for answers, to the point so that I don’t overwhelm you with information overload, and well edited so that I don’t waste your time waiting for tabs or applications to open, or watching while I work something out on the fly.I will take you on a complete walkthrough of how InVideo works with plenty of real examples, a thorough explanation of the regions of the user interface and how to use the timelines. Followed by an in depth-look at all the editing functions in the editing properties tabs.Then we'll go on to adding transitions, voice overs, your favorite colors and duplicating your videos for all thedifferent social media platforms.Check out the preview videos to get started and see if you like my teaching style.


Section 1: An In Depth Look At The InVideo User Interface

Lecture 1 An Overview of the InVideo User Interface Part One

Lecture 2 An Overview of the InVideo User Interface Part Two

Lecture 3 InVideo Effects, Shapes And Enhancers Part One

Lecture 4 InVideo Effects, Shapes And Enhancers Part Two

Section 2: Exploring Further Features of The InVideo Online Video Editor

Lecture 5 InVideo Outros and YouTube End Screens

Lecture 6 Adding a Voice Over in Invideo Part One

Lecture 7 Adding a Voice Over in Invideo Part Two

Lecture 8 Transitions Between Scenes in Invideo

Lecture 9 Duplicate Your InVideo Project In Different Aspect Ratios

Lecture 10 Using ColorZilla To Pick Colors In InVideo

Lecture 11 Bonus Module! Free Resources

Anyone who wants to learn all the functions of InVideo to create videos the easy way.,Business owners who want to use video to market their brand.,Marketing professionals who need a quick and easy solution.,Advertisers who want their videos to have an impact.,Social Media enthusiasts who want to draw attention to their posts.,Freelancers who want to create videos professional looking videos for their clients.


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