Learn Cmm (Coordinate Measuring Machine) As Per Iso 10360-2


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What you'll learn
Basics of CMM Machine
CMM as per Standard ISO 10360
3D Metrology
CMM Inspection & Measurement
Engineering Metrology
3D Metrology & Measurement
No prior knowledge required
Learn Basics of Metrology and Coordinate Measuring Machine as per standard ISO 10360. Almost every Manufacturing Industry uses CMM for its Quality Inspection. Learn the CMM machine effectively. In this course, we go through the CMM from the definition to the Final output step by step. Also, Helps you to understand the International guidelines and Standards of CMMs.For the CMM Machine, this course is divided into 6 sections i.e. Basics of CMM, ISO 10360, Testing & Probing System, Inspection, Programming & Final Guidelines.Module-1 CMM IntroductionModule-2 ISO 10360Module-3 Testing & Probing SystemModule-4 InspectionModule-5 Programming & AlignmentModule-6 Final GuidelineModule-7 Extra StudyEvery part is divided into small videos that help you understand Metrology & CMM easily. Any Person interested in CMM can join this course, including the CMM Operator because this course is designed as per standard ISO 10360 which is a single accepted standard around the world. About the Instruction Team: Hello, My Name is Deepak from India. I am a Mechanical Engineer by Profession at BigCMM and an Expert in ISO 10360, ISO 10725 and Measurement Uncertainty. I have 3+ years of experience in the field of Engineering and am Passionate about similar Content Creation. I designed this course with the help of BigCMM members to simply CMM Machine as per standard ISO 10360.


Section 1: Introduction to CMM

Lecture 1 What is CMM?

Lecture 2 Download Course E-book

Lecture 3 CMM Terminology

Lecture 4 Recap: CMM Terminologies

Lecture 5 Coordinate Metrology

Lecture 6 Components of CMM

Lecture 7 Types of CMM

Lecture 8 Working Principle of CMM

Lecture 9 Error sources

Lecture 10 Verification & Validation

Section 2: What is ISO 10360?

Lecture 11 What is ISO 10360 Part-1

Lecture 12 What is ISO 10360 Part-2

Lecture 13 What is Performance testing?

Lecture 14 How many parts of the standard ISO 10360?

Lecture 15 Limitations of the Standard ISO 10360

Section 3: Testing & Probing System

Lecture 16 Prob Error

Lecture 17 CMM Stylus

Section 4: CMM Inspection

Lecture 18 Setting up a part in CMM

Lecture 19 What is Datum in CMM?

Lecture 20 How to change the Datum

Lecture 21 How to measure small part in CMM?

Lecture 22 How to select the Workpiece Orientation?

Lecture 23 Part Setup and Datum Qualifying using a CMM

Section 5: CMM Programming

Lecture 24 Contact Measurement points

Lecture 25 Programming

Lecture 26 Alignment

Lecture 27 Inspection

Section 6: Final Guidelines

Lecture 28 Environment Condition

Lecture 29 CMM traceability

Section 7: Basics of Uncertainty

Lecture 30 What is Uncertainty?

Lecture 31 Error and Uncertainty

Lecture 32 Accuracy and Precision

Lecture 33 Source of Uncertainty

Lecture 34 How to reduce Uncertainty?

Section 8: Extra Study & Resources

Lecture 35 GD & T by GaugeHow

Lecture 36 Limit and Engineering Fit

Lecture 37 Software Tutorial

Lecture 38 Good Measurement Practice

Any Person interested in CMM,All Engineers & Managers,CMM Operators,Engineering Students,Production Engineers,Mechanical Engineers,Quality Engineers,Calibration Engineers

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