Learn Forex Markets & Trading From A Funded Trader In 1 Hour


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What you'll learn
Have the skill of how the market works for the rest of your life
Have an understanding off of forex terminology to be able to understand any other course
Understanding of how the market operates and how to trade it
Be able to do your own Analysis on any financial markets
You will learn the 3 types of Analysis that are in trading
How people really make money in the FX market
Methods and Strategies on how to earn in the FX markets
To understand risk and apply your own risk reward to your own requirements
How to execute on trades
Type of platforms there are and where to get them
Why people fail, and how not to make the same mistakes
Habits and action points for you to take away even when you have completed the course
An open mind to learn
Just to commit to x hours and complete it so you have the knowledge forever
Forex in 1 Hour and 30 minutes learn how to start trading, how to create a trading strategy and risk management plan for your Day / Swing Trading in this course.In this course you will learn from a Funded Trader who will concisely explain what forex is, how to get started all the way to opening your first trade. This course is the only course you need to understand and see if Forex is for you and by the end of it you will know if Forex is something you can fit in your life, if trading suits you and how it works. Even though this course is tailored for Forex Trading, all the fundamentals and technicals can be applied to equities/stocks, crypto currencies, Indicies and commodities. With this course you will;- Have unlimited access to review and re learn any content that is there- Have access to updated versions and resources for on going development- Access to Q&A with not just the course creator who is a funded trader but also access to other traders at all levelsWho is this course for?Anyone who wants to get into Forex Trading Anyone who wants to see how Forex / Trading works Anyone who wants to brush up on their Forex knowledge and see how other traders workAnyone who wants to understand how financial markets works as an overallProof of live trading examples, backtesting and moreLearn the 3 pillars of Analysis Technical, Fundamental and MentalYour course instructor;Daniel Cheung - WChampFX He has been trading for over 4 years profitably and has 3 Funded Trading accounts with students who have also have over 100k in funding from branded prop firms. Being a successful trader is one thing but being able to pass on the knowledge so others can model and become free themselves is anotherUdemy is a platform where it makes it affordable to have a opportunity to see if trading is something that is for you, open minded approach is everything in life if you can DYOR (Do your own research) find out for yourself, see yourself and try yourself you will be able to find the answer.Life isn't one size fits all nor is trading.Look forward to you joining the team.


Section 1: Introduction - Commitment

Lecture 1 About me your mentor

Lecture 2 About YOU and this course

Section 2: Forex Basics

Lecture 3 What is Forex Trading

Lecture 4 Forex Terminology

Lecture 5 How do people make money in Trading

Lecture 6 Why is it so hard, why do so many fail?

Lecture 7 Trading Broker Basics + Recommendations

Section 3: Trading Analysis (Works for Forex, Equities & Crypto)

Lecture 8 3 Types of Analysis - what are they and how ?

Lecture 9 Technical Analysis

Lecture 10 Fundamental Analysis

Lecture 11 Mental Analysis

Section 4: Trading Worksheets

Lecture 12 Trading Strategy Worksheet

Lecture 13 Risk Management Worksheet

Section 5: Ways to make earn in the markets

Lecture 14 Truth about trading strategies

Lecture 15 EA, Day Trading, Swing Trading

Section 6: Bonus Section - What to do next? Level up time

Lecture 16 Live Trading Examples

Lecture 17 Backtesting

Lecture 18 Level up - What next

Anyone who wants to get into Trading (Forex, Crypto, Equities),Anyone who wants to further their knowledge in Forex Trading,Anyone who wants to understand how the Foreign Exchange market works,Anyone who wants to learn Technical Analysis,Anyone who wants to learn Fundamental Analysis,Anyone who wants to learn to read charts,Anyone who wants to learn from a funded trader PROOF,Finally anyone who is learning to learn a skill that will last with them forever


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