Learn Professional Photography Diploma Course


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What you'll learn
1. Photography Intro
2. Camera accessories
3. Concept of ISO
4. Aperture & depts of field
5. Shutterspeed intro
6. ISO exposure settings
7. Exposure triangle
8. Whitebalance & Colour
9. Depth of field
10. RAW vs JPEG
11. Understanding Light
12. Compositions
13. Landscape Photography
14. Macro photography
15. Portrait Photos Intro
16. Child & Baby Photography
17. Wate, Ice & Reflections
18. Night Photography
19. Shooting in Black & White
20. Brief History DSLR & Mirrorless
21. Focal Lengths Affects Aperture
22. Motion Blur & Camera Shake
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Answering the question, “What is photography?”is sort of like seeking to solution the question, “What’s the that means of life?”That’s due to the fact photography is quite complex. It has many aspects and types. There are technical components to images in addition to innovative ones.The way wherein images is used is even different, regularly from one individual to the next. Moreover, there's a vast range withinside the pleasant of photos.In that regard, seeking to give an explanation for the distinction among an regular image and a piece of artwork is a completely tough job.You can inform with the aid of using searching at images which one is which, however conveying the way to get from being an beginner to a seasoned isn't an smooth task.But, you need to begin somewhere, so on this guide, I provide some foundational thoughts to help you solution the question, “What is photography?”What will students learn in your course?1. Photography Intro2. Camera accessories3. Concept of ISO4. Aperture & depts of field5. Shutterspeed intro6. ISO exposure settings7. Exposure triangle8. Whitebalance & Colour9. Depth of field10. RAW vs JPEG11. Understanding Light12. Compositions13. Landscape Photography14. Macro photography15. Portrait Photos Intro16. Child & Baby Photography17. Wate, Ice & Reflections18. Night Photography19. Shooting in Black & White20. Brief History DSLR & Mirrorless21. Focal Lengths Affects Aperture22. Motion Blur & Camera Shake


Section 1: Nature Photography Ideas for Beginners Course

Lecture 1 1. Photography Intro

Lecture 2 2. Camera accessories

Lecture 3 3. Concept of ISO

Lecture 4 4. Aperture & depts of field

Lecture 5 5. Shutterspeed intro

Lecture 6 6. ISO exposure settings

Lecture 7 7. Exposure triangle

Lecture 0 8. Whitebalance & Colour

Lecture 0 9. Depth of field

Lecture 0 10. RAW vs JPEG

Lecture 8 11. Understanding Light

Lecture 0 12. Compositions

Lecture 0 13. Landscape Photography

Lecture 0 14. Macro photography

Lecture 9 15. Portrait Photos Intro

Lecture 10 16. Child & Baby Photography

Lecture 0 17. Wate, Ice & Reflections

Lecture 0 18. Night Photography

Lecture 11 19. Shooting in Black & White

Lecture 0 20. Brief History DSLR & Mirrorless

Lecture 0 21. Focal Lengths Affects Aperture

Lecture 12 22. Motion Blur & Camera Shake

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