Learn Python In 7 Days With Exercises And Assignments


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Published 7/2022
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Python Programming Language with Full Practical, Exercises, Assignments, Problems and their Solutions.​
What you'll learn
You will learn Python within few days with practical examples, exercises, assignments, and problems with solutions.
You will learn Fundamental of Python as data types, Input / Output Operations, List, Tuples, Dictionary, SET, Decision Making, Loops, Functions etc
You will learn Python Programming with solving Real World Problems with their solution.
You will learn how to create a Python based website.
There is no requirements or prerequisites for taking this course but it is good if you know any basic programming language.
INTRODUCTION:python is general purpose programming language that id invented by Guido van Rossum. There are a lots of applications, system software that developed with Python programming language.In this course, I will share with you Python knowledge with examples, exercises and assignments.There are total seven days, in which you will complete Python programming knowledge with Full practical.Instructor Experience and Education:Faisal ZamirMaster in Computer Science 5+ Year Experience in School, Colleges, University etcWhy you Enroll to this Course?This is very simple question but very important, because you should know that why you need to make enrollment to this course? There are many things with our course that make unique to other. You need to take this course because there are different python concepts, methods, data structures, looping decision making etc. are discussed with easiest way. There are a lots of PPT slides containing python theoretical knowledge as well as programming examples.Our Uniqueness (We Focus Always):You should know that we always focus on something, QualityClear TopicsExamples Assignments ExercisesOutlines for this Python Course:Basics of PythonVariables and Data TypeData Structures (List, Tuple, Dictionary, SET)Decisions MakingFunctions LoopsProblems (Exercises) and Their SolutionAssignmentsPython Based Quiz Advantage of this courseWhen you Enroll to this course you will get following advantages:Surely, you will get Video LecturesWe will Provide Assignments for your PracticeWe will Provide Problems and their solutionWe will Provide PPT Notes and other Notes when requireWe will Provide all Source Code as we write in CourseProper Management in Study MaterialsThank you!Faisal Zamir


  1. Section 1: Day 01
  2. Lecture 1 Python Introduction with Explanation
  3. Lecture 2 Hello World Program in Python
  4. Lecture 3 Input and Output function in Python Fundamental Concepts
  5. Lecture 4 Program and Statement in Python Fundamental Concepts
  6. Lecture 5 Comments in Python Fundamental Concepts
  7. Lecture 6 Termination in Python Fundamental Concepts
  8. Lecture 7 Indentations in Python Fundamental Concepts
  9. Section 2: Day 02
  10. Lecture 8 Declaration and Initialization of Variable in Python
  11. Lecture 9 Rules to Declare a Variable in Python
  12. Lecture 10 Data Types in Python
  13. Lecture 11 Mutable Immutable Sequence and Non Sequence Data Type in Python
  14. Lecture 12 Python Different Categories of Data Types
  15. Lecture 13 Python Text Based Data Type
  16. Lecture 14 Python Number Data Type with Examples
  17. Lecture 15 Python All Sequence Data Type with Examples

This course is for those students who want to learn Python Programming in few days with practical.

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