Masterclass: The Secret Formula Of Professional Photography


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What you'll learn
You will learn how to manage a production team and maximise the outcome as a commercial photographer
You will learn how to have a successful long-lasting career as a photographer or an artist
You will learn how to deal with issues that one faces during an assignment
You will know how to maintain a positive mindset under pressure to produce great results
You will learn how and when to cease the opportunity
You will learn how to develop a professional personality and attitude
You will learn how to manage your portfolio to be found by the right clientele
No photography experience required. You will learn everything you need to know to have a successful career; not just in photography, but in any creative field you choose.
You'll learn how one can start from scratch and become a success story
This course is aimed at teaching aspirant photographers what it takes to mould yourself to become a successful professional in Advertising Photography - or in any creative field, for that matter - to earn name, fame and big money.Unlike other photography classes that are more limited to the technicalities, this course teaches you the very formula of building a career, how to take amazing photos and how to make money by selling them. Regardless of what your level of experience is or what type of camera you use, this in-depth course is designed to provide you with everything you need to take your photography career to the next level.You'll learn the basics and how to tackle situations for accomplishing your goals under pressure. You will learn how to brand yourself, create a portfolio, find freelance work or a full-time position and how to start your own photography business.By the end of this masterclass, your confidence as a professional will soar to new heights. You'll have a thorough understanding of the field you choose so you can bring out your full potential to take unforgettable photos and carve an outstanding photography career for yourself.We can't wait to see you in the course!Enrol now, we'll help your imagination take flight. Happy New You!


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 To Start with...

Lecture 2 Be Persistent

Lecture 3 Real World Experience

Lecture 4 Start Sharing

Lecture 5 Encourage Yourself

Lecture 6 Do Your Best, All the Time

Section 2: Gathering Inspiration

Lecture 7 Getting Inspired

Lecture 8 Building your Portfolio

Lecture 9 Your Idols

Lecture 10 Look Beyond Your Discipline

Lecture 11 Being Original

Section 3: Applying Inspiration

Lecture 12 Applying Inspiration

Lecture 13 Imitation to Inspiration

Section 4: Collaboration

Lecture 14 Collaboration

Lecture 15 Collaboration Fundamentals

Lecture 16 Potential Collaborators

Lecture 17 Ego & Opportunities

Section 5: Mental Toughness

Lecture 18 Mental Toughness

Lecture 19 Don't Succumb to Fear

Lecture 20 Taking Criticism

Lecture 21 Mental Health

Section 6: Creating A Personal Brand

Lecture 22 Becoming a Brand

Lecture 23 Madhukar's Brand Evolution

Lecture 24 Finding your signature style

Lecture 25 Sex Appeal

Lecture 26 Your Assignment

Section 7: Mad's Career Journey

Lecture 27 First Failure of My Life

Lecture 28 Grabbing the Opportunity

Lecture 29 My First Break

Lecture 30 Madhukar's Career Goals

Section 8: Final Thoughts

Lecture 31 Measures of Success

Lecture 32 Setting Goals

Lecture 33 Keep Evolving

People in Creative Fields, specially photography, who are curious about what goes on in the industry and how things work

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