Night Photography Masterclass: Capture Stunning Night Photos


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What you'll learn
Low-Light Photography
Night Photography
How to capture Stunning Night Sky Photos
Time Lapse + Star Trails of the Milky Way
The COMPLETE basics of Low Light Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO
The photography equipment required to capture low light photos
Composition in night sky photography (Beginner & Advanced)
Learn how to take gorgeous night photographs - like the pros!
Basics of editing your images in post-processing software
Advanced editing of night sky photos (Time Lapse, Star Trails, Exposure Blend & Focus Stack)
Understand why pre-planning is EXTREMELY important in Night Photography
Camera, Low Light Lens & Tripod
Smartphone (Downloading Apps)
Commitment & Desire to capture stunning photos
Laptop / Desktop + Editing Software
No photography knowledge require, I will teach you EVERYTHING!
YOU WILL LEARN TO CAPTURE BEAUTIFUL NIGHT PHOTOS!Of course, that's why you're here!I am excited to educate you on taking your own amazing night and star photos from my easy to follow photography course.With this ultimate night photography course, whatever aspect about night photography you're struggling with, you learn all the in's and out from equipment I recommend, best in-camera settings I use and basic + advanced composition tips. Furthermore, there is a complete editing module included with all 270 Images to follow along step-by-step to create award-winning night photos.Join me as I head out in Slovenia to teach this night photography course!Throughout the course, I am out in the field showing, educating and explaining what is going on in-camera to produce the images we desire. I am not sitting behind a desk showing you slides. We're out in the field should you exactly what we do to shoot our own night photos.Key things you will learn in this night photography course:Night Photography Camera BasicsNight Photography in field BasicsImage Editing for the ENTIRE course!Step-by-step easy to follow proceduresAll RAW files for post-productionLearn necessary advanced techniques for night photographyLearn my entire workflow from beginner to professional.Course bonusesAll 280+ RAW Downloadable ImagesFull editing case studiesPractical assignmentsPersonal Support for comments & questionsWhy learn from Me?I eat, sleep and breath landscape and night photography for over 20+ years. I am an award-winning landscape photographer, that has a larger passion for teaching the art of photography, with my experience and student's feedback I've create tailored made courses to improve your photography. Therefore, if you've always wanted to take your camera off automatic mode and capture stunning photography images that you've always dreamt of, don't just take it from me this is what my students are saying.What students are saying about our courses:This is the best night photography course I've seen. All aspects are covered. - Nikita ChicherinThis was most definitely the best course available on Night Photography on Udemy to date. Absolutely packed with valuable information, techniques, tips and more. Matthew is eloquent and explains the concepts very well. I would recommend this course to all who are interested in Nighttime photography. I can't wait to get out there again and start playing. Thank you. - Norman WalesGreat course. Down to earth teacher that is easy to follow. Matthew is a top bloke and is fast to answer any questions. A1+ - Justin ClarkReady to take the leap and capture amazing night photos, this is the course for you.Remember, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. There is no reason to hesitate. Enrol now, see if you enjoy the course, and start shooting better photos today!Cheers,Matthew


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Night Photography

Lecture 2 What is Night Photography?

Section 2: Camera Equipment Overview for Night Photography

Lecture 3 Introduction to Camera Equipment

Lecture 4 Best Camera for Night Photography

Lecture 5 What Sensor Size do I need?

Lecture 6 Lenses for Low Light Photography

Lecture 7 Prime VS Zoom Lenses - Whats really important?

Lecture 8 Tripods - Are they really important?

Lecture 9 Filters in Night Photography

Lecture 10 Complete Accessories Bundle for Night Photography

Section 3: ULTIMATE Guide to ALL the Basics of Night Photography

Lecture 11 Basics of Night Photography

Lecture 12 What is ISO?

Lecture 13 Understand ISO - In field PRACTICAL

Lecture 14 What is Aperture?

Lecture 15 Understand Aperture - In field PRACTICAL

Lecture 16 What is Shutter Speed?

Lecture 17 Understand Shutter Speed - In field PRACTICAL

Lecture 18 Understand the Exposure Triangle in photography

Section 4: Learn the ADVANCED In-camera basics for Night Photography

Lecture 19 Learn the ADVANCED In-camera basics for Night Photography

Lecture 20 Histogram - Why's it so important

Lecture 21 RAW vs JPEG - What's the difference?

Lecture 22 What is RAW and why's it important?

Lecture 23 Dynamic Range - Why does NOONE understand this?

Lecture 24 White Balance - Is it really important?

Section 5: How to Pre Plan for Night Sky Photography

Lecture 25 Why Pre-Planning is EXTREMELY important in night photography!

Lecture 26 How to reduce light pollution

Lecture 27 Finding the best weather for night photography

Lecture 28 The BEST App for Night Sky photography Planning!

Lecture 29 Additional PRO feature of PhotoPills

Lecture 30 PRO TIP For Night Sky Planning

Section 6: In-camera BASICS of Night Photography

Lecture 31 How to focus to infinity - IMPORTANT

Lecture 32 BEST Base Settings for Night Photography

Lecture 33 Base Settings - Out in the Field!

Lecture 34 What to do with a UNDEREXPOSED Image!

Lecture 35 What to do with a OVEREXPOSED Image!

Lecture 36 Overexposed Image? Here's 1 MASTER TIP!

Lecture 37 PRO TIP: Finding Composition FAST!

Section 7: Night Photography Composition Skills

Lecture 38 Introduction to Composition

Lecture 39 The POWER of a foreground Element

Lecture 40 Impact your Night Photography with creating Scale

Lecture 41 Create simple & stunning REFLECTION Photos

Lecture 42 Low Light Cityscape Photography

Lecture 43 Creating Simple Light Trails

Section 8: Learn ADVANCED Capturing techniques to improve your Night Photography

Lecture 44 Light Pollution Filter - How good are they?

Lecture 45 Exposure Blending for Night Photography

Lecture 46 Artistic Night Photography with Artificial Lighting

Lecture 47 Focus Stacking for the BEST results!

Lecture 48 Milky Way Time Lapse Photography

Lecture 49 Creating unique star trail photography

Section 9: Image Editing of Night Photography

Lecture 50 Introduction to Image Editing

Lecture 51 Basics of Post-Production Sliders

Lecture 52 Global VS Local Adjustments

Lecture 53 Editing a Night Photography Image

Lecture 54 Image Editing of Artificial Light in Night Photography

Lecture 55 Blending Exposures for BEAUTIFUL natural images

Lecture 56 Focus Stacking in PhotoShop

Lecture 57 The BEST form of Focus Stacking with Helicon Focus

Lecture 58 Editing Time-Lapse Milky Way Photography

Lecture 59 Creating GORGEOUS Star Trail Night Photography

Lecture 60 Adobe Lightroom: PRO TIPS!!!

Lecture 61 Download RAW Files

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