Phone Photography : The Basics For Entrepreneurs


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What you'll learn
Grow your visibility and your income by learning how to make stunning brand aligned photos with nothing but your phone
Understand the settings of your phone camera app
How to make a good composition, so your photo stands out on social media
Stop struggling with lighting; learn how to get professional looking photos with good lighting
Learn which editing apps to use on your phone
All you need is a smartphone, no photography skills needed
You know that you need professional looking photos for your business, right?The kind of photos that make you stand out from the crowd and stop the scroll of your Ideal Clients... so you can truly connect with them and make more sales!But somehow, you only seem able to get the 'so-so' shots, instead of those gorgeous photos you see on Social Media.Why is it that some people make such amazing photos with their phones and you just can't seem to make it work for you, no matter how many photos you take (hoping that at least one of them is good!)?Do you want to stop feeling frustrated and finally overcome your 'social media shame'? Do you want to go from posting photos that make you feel way too unprofessional, to being able to take STUNNING and BRAND ALIGNED PHOTOS, that will stop the scroll of your dream clients? And all of that with nothing but your phone?Start making those amazing photos that make you shine and stand out, the kind that truly connect with your Ideal Client and help you make more sales!It IS possible and yes, for you too!!Let me show you how I can help with this Speed Course where you will learn the basics of phone photography for your business.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Lessons

Lecture 2 Lesson 1 : Phone Photography - The Basics

Lecture 3 Lesson 2 : Master the Light / Product Photography

Lecture 4 Lesson 3 : Composition

Lecture 5 Lesson 4 : How to Portray Yourself

Lecture 6 Lesson 5 : Editing - The Basics

Lecture 7 Lesson 6 : Conclusion

Are you a product based or service based business owner? Then you most likely need scroll-stopping professional looking photos for your social media and your website.,You are a product based or service based business owner, who does not want to spend money on professional photo shoots all the time? Learn how to take amazing photos yourself, with nothing but your phone!

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