Simple Desk Meditations


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Simple Desk Meditations
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What you'll learn
Use breath and movements to release tension in a simple way
Improve your workflow
Identify when it's time to take a break
Create your own breath and movement combinations

No experience is needed, other than the willingness to follow along with me and do the exercises

In this course I will show you how I take a meditation break while sitting at my desk. This course came about because when I was at my desk working, I found that the meditations I have learned throughout my life did not address the limited time and space I had to take a break in my office. I decided to modify the meditations to suit the environment of my office space. I desired something quick and easy. First, I began to notice when I needed a break, my eyes would become tired and my body would feel uncomfortable. While the usual walk to the bathroom or break room helped, I wasn't always able to get back to work and focus. I knew that breathing and meditation would help. At first it felt awkward to sit at my desk and take deep breaths, but that's what I did. Then I felt the need to stretch and used those stretching movements as a form of meditation. As I placed attention on the different movements I eventually came up with sequences that I call Simple Desk Meditations.

I will walk you through a brief introduction into meditation. You will lean about mindfulness. Then I will show you common meditations that you can do alone or in combination with breath and other movements. Simple Desk Meditations are breath and movements sequence I put together to quickly recharge. You can create your own breath and movement combinations. I will provide you with a checklist of different types breaths and movements and or questions you can use, as you design your own sequence.

What I have found is when I do these meditation breaks, my workflow improves. I can think clearer and I have insights on how to work more efficiently. In this course I explain what workflow is and I will show you an example of my workflow. These meditations are designed to be done quickly, about 1-5 minutes. They can also be as long as you desire them to be. It all depends on you and the breathing and movement combinations you would like to design. I made my sequence simple and you can make yours simple too.

Who this course is for
This course is for beginners of meditation who like simplicity
This course is for people who are interested in doing a meditation while sitting at their desk
This course is or people who want to improve their workflow


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