Six Sigma- The Measure Phase


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What you'll learn
Six Sigma- Measure Phase
Operational definition
Process mapping techniques
Understanding the different types of data and how to execute data collection plan
Measurement system analysis
Quick grasp of basic statistics and normal distribution
Establishing Process base-line
Determining process capability (Cp & Cpk)
DPMO & Yield in a multi-step process
This course is suitable for learners coming from both technical as well as non technical back ground. No prior experience is necessary for this course.
Dear Learners,Welcome to this course on the "Six Sigma-The Measure Phase". I have prepared lectures covering each of the DMAIC phases of Six Sigma, separately, to enable learners with shorter time to grasp all topics with ease. This course is covered in "2 sections" & "15 nicely spaced lectures". I am Parag Dadeech, with extensive leadership experience across diversified business sectors. I have lived and worked in the US, SE Asia and India and have led a gamut of high value business projects (green field as well brown field), operational excellence engagements, as well as Technology joint ventures.Wishing you an enjoyable learning experience.Section-1 (A solid start to Measure phase):Lecture-1Introduction Lecture-2• What is Measure phase• Understanding a Process• Key Goals in Measure phaseLecture-3• Operational definition • Methods to collect dataLecture-4• Understanding process mapping• Types of process maps• SIPOC, Flow chart, cross functional flow chartLecture-5• Understanding Value stream mapping• Practical illustration of VSM• Benefits of VSMLecture-6• Understanding different types of Data• How to execute Data collection planLecture-7• Sample and Population• Sampling Process• Different types of sampleLecture-8• What is Measurement system analysis (MSA)• Understanding precision and accuracy• How much Measurement system error is acceptableLecture-9• Quick grasp of basic statistics• Understanding measures of central tendency• Understanding measures of variationSection-2 (Understanding your process thoroughly):Lecture-10• Understanding normal distribution• What is standard normal distribution• Concept of Z ValueLecture-11• What is Process base line• Understanding Run chartsLecture-12• Process capability• Understanding Cp (potential process capability)• Sigma level and ppmLecture-13• Understanding Cpk (actual process capability)• Practical illustration of Cpk• Sigma level across different industriesLecture-14• Yield (Multi-step process)• Concept of DPMO• Practical illustration of DPMOLecture-15• SummaryWish you an enjoyable learning experience.


Section 1: A solid start to Measure Phase

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 what is measure phase and key goals in measure phase

Lecture 3 operational definition and methods to collect data

Lecture 4 Process mapping (SIPOC, flow chart, cross functional flow chart)

Lecture 5 value stream mapping

Lecture 6 Understanding different types of data and data collection plan

Lecture 7 Sampling process

Lecture 8 Measurement system analysis

Lecture 9 Quick grasp of basic statistics

Section 2: Understanding your process thoroughly

Lecture 10 Normal distribution

Lecture 11 Process base line

Lecture 12 Understanding process capability

Lecture 13 Cpk (actual process capability)

Lecture 14 Yield in multistep process, DPMO

Lecture 15 course summary

This course will be valuable to learners as well as students coming from variety of back-grounds such as: operations, manufacturing, supply chain, quality, HR or service sectors.


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