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What you'll learn
The Art of Feminine Communication
Discover How to Craft an Irresistible Online Dating Profile to Attract High Quality Men
Activate Your Feminine Energy Magic
Texts So Good He Won't Ignore
Step into Your Feminine Power
Understand the Energetics Behind Dating
The Best Places to be Online Dating
How to Choose Eye Grabbing Photos & The #1 Color You Will Want to be Wearing
An Essay He Can't Pass Up
The Kind of Man Who Is Truly Hot (Traits to Look For)
Tapping into Your Feminine Energy Before the Date
Learn What Men Are Looking For on a Date
How to Politely Reject a Man in an Empowered Way
Learn the Red Flags Early On
Staying Optimistic While Attracting Your Dream Man
Gain Clairty On What You Are Looking For in Dating & A Partner
For a Woman Who Desires to Attract The Love Of Her Life Through Online Dating
Be open to the possiblity that there are great men out there
Looking for love
Have an open heart
Identify as a Woman
Love doesn’t always just happen in these modern times. Finding love in person and online has changed.The problem with online dating is it often attracts low value men who put little effort into communicating or moving the relationship forward.IS THIS YOU?You’re starting to lose confidence…wondering if maybe there’s something wrong with you and wondering if you’ll be alone for the rest of your life.You keep attracting the same wrong man over and over; fixer uppers, bad boys, , men who won’t commit or are emotionally unavailable.You settle for men that don’t feel right for you and even put up with crap from men that you wouldn’t do in other areas of your life.You're in a relationship but it’s not going anywhere and you feel like you are wasting your time but you invested your heart, time, and energy into this man but you feel conflicted on what the next step is.You feel distracted, can’t concentrate or focus, which impacts your ability to earn more money.You find yourself quickly attaching to men hoping you will be exclusive even though it doesn’t feel reciprocated.You find yourself wanting to just find “the one“ so you can move on with your life and start working toward goals, vacationing with a partner, and building a life with a great man.You second guess yourself and feel confused and sad when a man pulls away his energy, ghosts, or disappears all together.That’s why I created Soul Mate- magnetize your dream man online and start attracting higher quality men in 30 days. You desire to feel cherished and loved, accepted the way you are.In this program I put together everything you will need to attract a high-quality man from healing the past, tapping into your feminine magnetism, and learning my online dating tips and strategies.If you have thought or asked it…. I put it in here. Answering all your burning questions.It is a Unique and One-of-a-Kind Dating Program. I have infused the practical, feminine dating, psychology, and energetics.Sneak Peek Inside ….Attract Higher Quality Men with my unique methodBuild an emotional attraction that has men curious and mesmerized by youCraft an Eye-Catching Dating Profile that stands outObtain clarity on your dream man and never settled for lessCaptivate a man’s attention with your feminine communication and essenceEasily navigate low forms of dating and red flagsEmerge aware of high & low value traits before you invest your time and energyPut an end to stop and go dating and starting over every 3-6 monthsEffortlessly navigate online dating with confidenceRecognize & Repel low value men immediatelyThe best placed you will want to be online, the #1 color to wear, photo tips, an essay he can't pass up.Uncover when you are depolarizing the relationshipTap into your spiritual side with Meditations, Activations & Ceremonial ModalitiesRecognize when you are in your masculine energy and when/how to lean backLearn your attachment style of loveThis is for the woman who...Thinks there are no good men out there.Felt like giving up on love.Wondered why she always attracted all the wrong men?Felt unsure of who plans, buys, when sex is appropriate.Doesn’t understand why men ghost or lose interest.Wants to change her love story once and for all.Felt disappointed with online dating and the men who contact her.That was the past.... Dating will never be the same.You will get:An Enthusiastic Happy Instructor who has been there and has heard it all from clientsBite Sized VideosClear & Bright Pre-recorded Videos with quality soundMeditation ActivationsInner Work Journaling Exercises


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to SOUL MATE PLUS Free Femme D' Amour Magazine

Section 2: Gaining Clarity on Your Desires

Lecture 2 Follow Your Desires

Lecture 3 The Subtle Art of Rejection (it goes both ways)

Lecture 4 Pep Talk- Rejection isn't Always Personal

Section 3: Preparing for Love Activations

Lecture 5 Cutting Energetic Cords Ceremony & Downloadable PDF's

Lecture 6 Self Love Meditation

Lecture 7 Calling in Your Soulmate Meditation

Lecture 8 Honoring The Feminine Meditation

Section 4: Heal with Inner Work

Lecture 9 Feminine Leadership

Lecture 10 Feminine Power

Lecture 11 Energetic Clean Up

Lecture 12 Energetic Frequency Blueprint

Lecture 13 High Value Woman

Lecture 14 Attachment In Relationships

Lecture 15 Staying Optimistic while Attracting Your Dream Man

Section 5: The Man of Your Dreams is On His Way

Lecture 16 Men Reprogramming

Lecture 17 The Kind of Man Who is Truly Hot (high value traits to look for)

Lecture 18 What a High Valued Man is Looking for From You

Lecture 19 Red Flags & Low Forms of Dating

Lecture 20 Low Value Traits to Look Out For

Lecture 21 Is Dating a Divorcee Right for You?

Section 6: The Art of Feminine Dating

Lecture 22 You are the SUN!!

Lecture 23 Depolorization in Relationships -How to Know When You are In Masculine Energy

Lecture 24 Leaning Back

Lecture 25 Excavating a Man's Personality Before You Date

Lecture 26 Building an Emotional Attraction

Section 7: Crafting an Irresisitible Online Dating Profile

Lecture 27 The Best Place to Be Online

Lecture 28 Eye Grabbing Photos & The #1 Color You Will Want to Be Wearing

Lecture 29 An Essay He Can't Pass Up

Lecture 30 Additional Essay Tips

Lecture 31 The Art of Feminine Communication

Section 8: Dating

Lecture 32 The Type of Dating You Will Want to Try

Lecture 33 How to Tell a Man You are Dating Others

Lecture 34 Don't Do That, Do This!

Lecture 35 Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Section 9: Before the Date

Lecture 36 Dating Safety Measures You Will Want to Take

Lecture 37 Tapping Into Your Femiine Energy Before A Date

Lecture 38 Who Pays & Who Plans

Lecture 39 When Should You Have Sex

Lecture 40 Well Wishes

Single Woman Who Wants Success in Online Dating,Women Who Want to Attract a High Quality/Valued Man,For Women Ready to Magnetize Their Partner to do Life With,For the Woman Who Loves Too Much Sometimes


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