Udemy - Understanding the Stock Market Concepts for Global Students


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Udemy - Understanding the Stock Market Concepts for Global Students
English | Tutorial | Size: 4.89 GB​
Comprehensive course on Stock market, Stock trading & Investing.
Beginner's course suitable for Global students.

n this course hosted by PRUDENCE Engineering and Financial Consultants, Col (Dr) Shabbar Shahid explains the gambit of Stock Market Investment and Trading in a very simple and lucid manner. The instructor is a post graduate engineer, an MBA in Finance, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers(India) and a doctorate in Management. Thus, qualified to be an instructor on the subject.

People often trade in shares and derivatives like Futures, Options, Call Options, Put options and even Algo trading without the basic understanding of stock market.

The instructor believes that when people Invest and Trade without adequate knowledge they end up making losses. They shy away from learning because they think that the subject is too confusing and risky.

What you'll learn

A comprehensive understanding of stock market investment and trading
The concept of Share, Shareholder, Capital and Capital Structure of a company
An understanding of IPO,FPO and their pricing. Face value, Book value and Market price of a share
The concept of Profit, Dividend and Growth
Primary market, Secondary market and how a trade happens
The requirement of Depository, Depository Participant and Clearing House
How do I start investing and place a Buy or Sell order
The various market players and stock price volatility
Difference between Investor and the Trader
Arbitrator, Hedger and other players
Broad concept of Fundamental Analysis, Financial statements, Ratios and other stock parameters
Broad concept of Technical Analysis, Candle stick charts and Technical Indicators
The concept of Derivatives like Futures and Options and the concept of Hedging


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